Code of Conduct — Hyperreal Enterprises

Everybody here is a steward of their own time and interest, and works
to pursue it.

The group intersects at any potential points of mutual utility.

Three ground rules are elaborated below.

(1) The right to dignity.  Human dignity must be respected and
protected. Unfortunately, dignity can be violated by acts that lead to
humiliation, instrumentalization or objectification, degradation, and
dehumanization. We commit ourselves to avoiding such behaviours, and
will put any such behaviours to an end if they are made known.

(2) The golden rule. As a guide, treat others as you would like others
to treat you. If you have further questions about whether a given
behaviour upholds the golden rule and the right to dignity, it is
perfectly fine to ask about it in our code-of-conduct-discussion
channel. Minor violations do not disqualify participation, though they
may warrant an apology.

(3) Disqualifying abusive behaviour. We will put outright abuse to an
end. We will aim to do this in a way that does the least further harm
to all parties (however, see point (b) below for one structural
caveat). Abuse can take the form of manipulation, exploitation,
maltreatment, neglect, violence, cruelty, harm, hurt, or
ill-treatment. It can manifest in physical, mental, verbal, emotional,
financial, sexual, spiritual, or legal dimensions of life. Please
disclose any instances of abuse to a trusted party and/or the relevant

While this is not a definitive list, if anyone here experiences any of
the following, please disclose it so that the situation can be
resolved: intimidation, isolation, restraint, aggression,
endangerment; being the target of rage, gaslighting, projection,
twisting of one’s words, or manipulation; concerning extremes in vocal
volume and tone, intimidating words, an inappropriately intense manner
of speech, personal attacks, withholding of apology for wrongdoing,
browbeating, nitpicking, embarrassment/shame; indicative symptoms
including increased anxiety, excessive guilt, insecurity, confusion,
alienation, anger/fear, hostility/rejection.

While there may be two or more sides to any given story, we will
strive to take the side of the person with less power in an abusive

Further comments

First and foremost our organisation is home to “a discussion” and the
familiar norms of discussion apply. At this stage, organization is
“bottom-up” — it is more a bazaar than a cathedral. This code of
conduct along with other matters will be revisited as things evolve.