About us

Imagine the horror the Disneyland officials would feel when they discovered the cruel hoax. Real birds! And perhaps someday even real hippos and lions.

— “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later”, Philip K. Dick, 1978

Joe Corneli, Zanzi Mihejevs and Ray Puzio put together an outline for a response to an RFP for projects in applied category theory. Hyperreal Enterprises was set up as a company at this time. We didn't end submitting the proposal, because the funder was interested in supporting projects that were already up and running.

A few months later, Joe joined Entrepreneur First, which sponsors early-stage entrepreneurship. Joe worked there, briefly, with Chris Whitehead, Pooja Chokshi, and Oushesh Haradhun. Friends and collaborators Tim Teravainen, Deyan Ginev, and Cameron Smith, as well as some other acquaintances, dropped by online as part of the “Friday Group”. We ended up not pitching for funding at EF and “bootstrapping” instead.

Leo Vivier and Noorah Alhasan were part of the team delivering our first contract with the University of the West of England. Alex Murphy is involved in an advisory/coaching role.

For the curious, there’s more info on the history page.

Please feel free to get in touch! contact@hyperreal.enterprises