Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering.Raven

We want to make the knowledge economy accessible to everyone. Web 2.0 hasn’t achieved that, though it has produced a large pool of open data. This data can be used to bootstrap tools that make knowledge work more efficient and effective.

We use technology and soft methodsarxiv.org to scaffold platforms for learning, map knowledge domains, and help our clients develop strategic plans of action. Topics that we’ve looked at so far include the relationship between public space and public health, and the future of open research.(The demos on the other side of those links are based on a modified version of the open source Org Roam system; more specifically, using Org Roam UI without a dependency on Emacs.)

The next steps are to scale up our software development work, make more use of existing open data, and facilitate more effective transdisciplinary collaboration. Our long-term vision is computational intelligence based on collective intelligence.

We have a lot of experience working with online communities, including PlanetMath.org and the Peeragogy Project. We want to develop our work here with as much of an open and participatory flavour as possible. For starters you can check out our Github repositories, and comment on any of the pages on our website using the hypothes.is sidebar located at right.

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HYPERREAL ENTERPRISES LTD is a private company limited by shares, incorporated 25th, June 2019 as Company Number 634284 on the Register of Companies for Scotland.