Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering.

We want to make the knowledge economy accessible to everyone. Web 2.0 hasn’t achieved that, though it has produced a large pool of open data. We will use this data to bootstrap AI tools that support knowledge workers. Our first product will be an AI tutor that helps people learn how to program and connects them with practical projects. The next step will be an AI assistant for professional level teams. Our long-term vision is computational intelligence based on collective intelligence.Raven

We spent some time “getting out of the building” to talk with potential users. Here are some of the things we've learned so far:

We are also getting on with our research, which is documented on our wiki. Feel free to comment on any of the pages there (or here) using the hypothes.is sidebar.

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HYPERREAL ENTERPRISES LTD is a private company limited by shares, incorporated 25th, June 2019 as Company Number 634284 on the Register of Companies for Scotland.